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Cardinal Pub Photo Shoot

On a sunny morning on June 6th, The Montreal MG Car Club took advantage of a beautiful sunny day and gathered at the new Cardinal Cardinal Microbrasserie in downtown Hudson for a ‘photo shoot’! With the start of some COVID restrictions being eased, and a recognition that Costco doesn’t seem to have any problems with the law filling a parking lot full of cars, the club took full advantage of the day and arrived at the brewery in high spirits. The location had been carefully chosen for a couple of reasons.

1. Even Philip Habib could find his way to this location.

2. The Cardinal Brewery would love to have us sharing them on our social media page.

3. The Cardinal brewery would love a bunch of cool cars parked outside their place.

4. The brewery is on the site of an old garage in Hudson, making it quite fitting.

5. The central location would attract people heading into the town for other reasons.

With local photographer, John Grose, on hand to take some shots of the cars, it wasn’t long until the parking lot was filled with MGs, and the photo booth was getting through the 17 cars and drivers having their moment on the red carpet. With a couple of gazebos providing shelter from the sun, the club members reveled in their newfound freedom, and after a quick check with the brewery, it became immediately clear that they didn’t mind us having a discrete beer bought at their counter and consumed amongst our prized MGs. Word soon got around the town, and we were joined by a few locals who had MGs of their own, giving us a few leads on new members! They included Gerry, who arrived with his MGTD, who after being introduced to Zaven, found a corner and chatted in Armenian for the next hour. John, and his son John, who own the Cardinal building came along with their BRG MGB and got talking to club members. With a little nudge, we’ll have them in the club and hosting us for a club meeting at Furleys, another establishment in Hudson they own.

Late in the day we were joined by Alan, with a Harvest Gold MGBGT, and another future club member was found ! I think we are latching on to the BEST way to find new members. We hang out at cool spots, get the word out that we’re going to do it, and let the new members come to us !

With so many cars, and so many smiling faces, its clear that our club is ITCHING to get back on the road, and show why we are THE COOLEST car club in Canada. Here are a few pictures from the event With the pandemic starting to recede, we might just have a summer with some great MG fun in it. We have to be careful of course, but unless you turn your MG into a minibus, social distancing can be achieved quite easily.

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