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Terry Luck 1941 - 2022

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

A sad message from Gord Clark

We have just received news of the passing on Dec. 9, of Terry Luck - the MMGCC was revived in 1996, Terry was one of the original ‘re-founders’. He had a gorgeous TC which he drove a lot in the Lakeshore area, where he and Lorraine lived. They had a lovely home in Beaconsfield, but they also had an island in the 1000 Islands, off Brockville with a lovely cottage overlooking the Main Channel, and where Terry kept his 1938 wood-hulled, Gar Wood vintage speedboat.In 2007, Lorraine was offered a great opportunity in Miramar Lake, Florida, and they decided to sell everything and move. They built a charming stone home near the lake and clubhouse. Terry found the TC impractical and sold it to a local MG enthusiast. He and Dick Hamilton, drove to North Carolina where Terry picked up a white MGB which was ‘totalled’ a few months later (not his fault). He replaced this with a black MGB which he owned at the time of his passing.

Rest in Peace Terry....


Gord in Rockburn QC

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